Countries around the world mark New Year's Day

A mixture of celebrations took place across the world on New Year's Day (January 1), with many glad to see the back of a difficult year, unlike any other in memory.

Hundreds in the Chinese city of Wuhan visited a popular local Buddhist temple, where they burned incense and prayed for good luck and health in 2021.

By late morning a queue of people waiting to pay their respects had formed and snaked around the perimeter of the temple's walls.

Similarly in India, priests conducted rituals on the bank of the Ganges River, and many visited temples.

Some prayed for the well-being and happiness of their families, and asked for guidance through the upcoming year.

Thousands of people in Japan, where New Year is the biggest holiday in the calendar, visited Tokyo's Meiji Shrine to pray for an end to tough times.

Though celebrations worldwide had largely been toned down the night before, some festivities did go ahead.

Vietnam's capital Hanoi was packed with people - one of the very few cities around the world where large crowds were allowed to gather.

Many other nations, like the UAE and Egypt, opted for extravagant firework displays instead.

New York's usually heaving Times Square was quiet for the most part.

Low key celebrations took place with just a handful of invited guests.

England's capital London bore similar, relatively sombre scenes.

Though unofficial firework displays brightened the sky at midnight, the streets were largely empty.