'I couldn’t get a Roomba so I made my own': US man creates floor cleaning robot from brush

This US man decided to create a floor cleaning robot from readily-available parts at his home in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 lockdown as he couldn't buy a Roomba.

The footage that has been widely circulated online shows the robot brush named "Bernie" skate across the floor brushing debris as it moves.

The filmer, Jason, told Newsflare: "I didn't have a Roomba, so during the COVID quarantine one day I decided I would make my own. And that's how Bernie the Brush came to be born.

Bernie started out as just a simple scrub brush from the sink drawer, but he always dreamed of being a star.

"This video shows his first awkward steps towards his dream of cleaning the whole kitchen floor by himself.

"Bernie hit the front page of Reddit and Imgur in mid-June, and has gained quite a few fans for such a short amount of time!

"Since this video was taken, Bernie has gotten some fashion upgrades like a pair of googly eyes, and he loves them so much that sometimes he just twirls around in circles in joy."