This could be the smallest cow in the world

Is this the world's smallest cow?

Location: Savar, Bangladesh

Rani is 20 inches tall

and 26 inches long

and has become quite the tourist attraction

(SOUNDBITE) (Bengali) CARETAKER OF THE COW, MOHAMMAD MAMUN, SAYING "The name of this cow is 'Rani' and we collected it from Naogaon. What is special with this cow is that it eats less food than the other cows, it never disturbs others and it is very special to me. It takes only 100 grams of grain and grass in the morning and 100 grams in the evening."

(SOUNDBITE) (English) DIRECTOR OF SHIKOR AGRO INDUSTRIES SAVAR BRANCH, MOHAMMAD SALIM, SAYING "So whilst we take it, it was only 26 kilo and 20 inch height, 26 inch long. So after that we thought this is the very smallest one over the world and we applied to the Guinness World to certify (it is the) very smallest one over the world. After that the Guinness replied that after 90 days they will take care and officially they will certify whether it is the very smallest one or not. We are just willing and very confident that this will be very smallest one over the world and we will be recognised in or country that this is the very smallest one."

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