Could you eat this 2.2lb burger?

Could you eat a 2.2lb burger?

LOCATION: Menoufia, Egypt

A local eatery organized a competition

awarding a $63 voucher to contestants who can finish the mountain of meat

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MARKETING MANAGER FOR BROOKLYN HOMEMADE BURGER, MAHMOUD WAGDY, SAYING:"We designed this competition for people who can really eat, for whoever can finish this burger by themselves. A lot of people participated in the competition when we first announced it, and today you see here there are five contestants who join us. For whoever can finish the entire burger by themselves, they will be awarded a 1,000-Egyptian pound ($63) voucher. One of them won and he'll be awarded a 1,000-pound voucher from the restaurant."

The burger is topped with a hefty amount of melted cheese

and garnished with four different kinds of condiments

It would usually feed 4-6 people

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) CONTESTANT, ABDELRAHMAN HEIKAL, SAYING:"How do I feel about losing? I never expected to be able to finish the burger, I knew it would be hard "

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