Could Amsterdam get a cycle path that goes below a lake?

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Syb van Breda & Co has designed a bicycle path under the IJ in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam commuters could soon be enjoying traveling on a bike path that goes underwater, specifically below the IJ lake. This incredible project is intended to connect the north of the city to the central station more easily.

In the capital of the Netherlands, bicycle paths are part of the landscape. True to its global reputation, the city already distinguishes itself from many other European capitals by its cycling network, but also by numerous dedicated facilities, such as parking lots and adapted traffic circles.

Now a brand new initiative aims to simplify and speed up the journey, by bicycle, from the north of the city to Amsterdam's central station, without having to take a car and ferry to reach the city center. The tunnel would also connect the network of bike paths in both areas.

This spectacular tunnel would have large openings on each side, 50 meters wide, to allow cyclists to descend (or ascend) a gentle spiral slope to enjoy this infrastructure without excessive effort. Pedestrians would be able to use elevators or escalators to get down and enjoy this unique passage. The tunnel is presented with separate areas for cyclists and pedestrians, with the route decorated with plants that grow in artificial light.

The concept, created by the architectural firm Syb van Breda & Co, is all the more original as it would cost less than a traditional bridge, not to mention the image it would reinforce of the importance of cycling in Amsterdam throughout the world.

The project, which could be put into place by 2025, still has to be approved by Amsterdam's local government.

Watch a video of the project:

The Netherlands already is home to an elevated traffic circle, designed just for bicycles and opened in 2012, in the city of Eindhoven, known as the Hovenring .

David Bénard