Costco Is Making a Big Change to Its Rotisserie Chicken & Shoppers Are Divided

Costco Is Making a Big Change to Its Rotisserie Chicken & Shoppers Are Divided

It's safe to say that Costco and rotisserie chicken are synonymous with one another. The warehouse's chicken has managed to reach cult-like popularity among shoppers (aside from that one time it allegedly tasted like chemicals). But now, Costco just made a big change to their famous chicken, and it has some folks on edge.

After weeks of online rumors, it's now been confirmed that Costco is changing the packaging for its rotisserie chicken. Instead of being sold inside a hard plastic shell, the chicken will now come inside a plastic bag.

Following news of the brand new packaging, shoppers rushed to social media to rattle off both the pros and cons of the bag.

One major disadvantage is that the rotisserie chicken bag is reportedly prone to leaks. In fact, there's an entire Reddit thread dedicated to this potential packaging flaw. The posts includes a photo of two bagged rotisserie chickens on top of a steel counter stained with a leak from the rotisserie chickens. One commenter also pointed out that "the bag was super greasy" when they got their hands on it.

There is hope, though. According to several Canadian Redditors, they've had the rotisserie chicken bags for quite some time and never experienced a leak.

"We have had these bags in Canada forever, and somehow the world still turns...Also for what it’s worth I’ve literally never seen any of the shelves with stains like this. So likely whatever the issue is can be fixed. It’s working for us, you can do it too," said one user.

In another Reddit thread, shoppers pointed out the unexpected benefits of the new packaging. For one, it's more car-friendly.

"Would be easier to navigate into my car space with other items. If the plastic container gets tilted a little too much to one side or the other, the scalding chicken juice runs all over everything," read one comment.

Customers also applauded Costco for choosing an option that uses less plastic and is easier to carry.

Where do you stand on the chicken's new packaging?

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