Costa criticised for raising coffee prices by up to 45p in UK hospitals

Costa Coffee is said to have put prices up in hospitals (PA Media)
Costa Coffee is said to have put prices up in hospitals (PA Media)

Costa has reportedly increased coffee prices by as much as 13 per cent per drink in some of its hospital cafes.

The chain’s outlets can be found within 94 UK infirmaries and an investigation by the Sun allegedly found that some drink prices had gone up by as much as 45p from last year.

A small latte or cappuccino has gone up from £3.30 to £3.70 in Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary between 2023 and 2024.

The medium-sized equivalent, meanwhile, has spiked from £3.45 to £3.90.

The price increases are understood not to be universal and on average the price has gone up by 3 per cent.

The findings have met a mixed reaction on social media.

Angela wrote: “Blimey, but last time I was in Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington,  they had Costa Coffee portable machines which were handy and nice.”

Another added: “This is greed for overpriced, rubbish coffee.”

A Costa Coffee Spokesperson said: “We work with a number of partners to deliver Costa Coffee in different operating environments, including hospitals.

“Our partners set their pricing and it is not uncommon to find that some Costa Coffee products are priced higher, reflecting the unique locations and operating costs associated with those locations.

“On average a Costa Coffee store in a hospital will charge approximately 3 per cent more for a crafted drink. We regularly review prices with our partners to ensure they remain competitive in the relevant retail environment, offering quality and value."