Cosplayers to look out for at Anime Festival Asia 2022 in Singapore

Cosplayers Hakken and Xiaoyukiko posing
Cosplayers Hakken (left) and Xiaoyukiko (right). (Photos: Anime Festival Asia)

Anime Festival Asia Singapore is right around the corner, with Genshin Impact fans are sure to have fun with the events lined up for Genshin Impact’s booth when the doors open on Friday (25 November).

But besides Sticker Gacha, food quizzes, and merchandise, you should also be on the lookout for the some of the amazing guest cosplayers the event has lined up, especially those who have had some really awesome Genshin Impact cosplays previously!


Ask any newbie to cosplay these days why they started, and they're likely to say that Hakken was their gateway into trying it out.

Hakken, from Malaysia, is one of the most known cosplayers out there, with millions of fans worldwide.

Choosing to do cosplays of male anime and game characters, the notable Genshin Impact cosplays they've done in the past are Kamisato Ayato and Zhongli.

Their almost otherworldly style of cosplay is both enchanting and tinged with a signature grunge feel.

But will Hakken be cosplaying a Genshin Impact character?

Perhaps! In an interview with Yahoo Southeast Asia, Hakken said they might cosplay a Genshin character, or a character from a manhwa. You know, we could always do with more Alhaitham...


Charess is a Filipina cosplayer, content creator, and streamer who's been taking the cosplay world by a storm.

She is the official cosplayer of Neon from VALORANT, and also works with many big brands and gaming companies.

But besides her alluring cosplays of Yor Forger from Spy x Family and Jinx from League of Legends, she has also cosplayed Genshin Impact characters like Yae Miko (who's currently in a rerun banner!) and Yoimiya.


Rithe is a TA Veteran Cosplayer from Singapore who represented her country in the World Cosplay Summit Finals in 2019.

She is passionate in her craft, and even makes her own costumes and props!

She does cosplay of a multitude of sweet or elegant anime and game characters, like Ningguang and Eula from Genshin Impact!

Thames Malerose

Thames Malerose is a talented cosplayer, musician, and streamer whose recent achievement is landing 3rd place at the World Cosplay Summit 2022 in Japan.

He has also guested and judged in a lot of conventions (like the previous AFA 2017).

His toned physique allows him to cosplay muscular game and anime characters like Arataki Itto, and he makes Sumeru's General Mahamatra Cyno look worth all the Scarabs you spent days hunting down.


Another cosplayer from Singapore, Xiaoyukiko's cosplay career may be young, but she's already made a name for herself with her cute and captivating cosplays.

She has been a frequent guest in international conventions since her debut in AFA 2016, and some notable Genshin Impact cosplays she has done are of Ganyu, Collei, Hu Tao, and Nahida, to name a few!


Ely is a Taiwanese cosplayer who's been in the industry for over 10 years.

As such, she has guested and judged in cosplay events all over the world.

She loves to cosplay characters from anime and video games, but she does original cosplay from her own designs!

Genshin Impact wise, she has cosplayed Eula Lawrence and Ganyu.

Hiroto Kuramasu

Hailing from Japan, Hiroto Kuramasu is the official cosplayer of the Otome game Ikemen Series!

Hiroto also produces CYBIRD's Ikemen Series' English Games, and has guested in multitudes of conventions in both sides of the world.

While not a traditional Genshin Impact cosplayer, surely it wouldn't be hard to imagine Hiroto cosplaying as one.

Although there's no word out yet about whether or not these cosplayers will go as our favourite Genshin Impact characters, we're sure that eitherway, AFASG 2022 will be a blast with them around!

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