Cosmetics mogul Vida admits Qush was initially hired for her music video, not as PA

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Vida says Qush is no longer working with her. — YouTube screenshot
Vida says Qush is no longer working with her. — YouTube screenshot

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 ― Cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida admitted that her newly appointed personal assistant (PA) was just acting the part as he claimed.

Qush or his real name Syed Qusyairi Syed Mahmud Iskandar had taken to Instagram Live recently to reveal that he was just acting as Vida’s PA the whole time and that he’s no longer working with her.

Qush revealed that he stopped collaborating with the cosmetic mogul after she failed to present him with a legitimate offer letter.

The controversial beauty entrepreneur confirmed with MStar that Qush is no longer working with her.

Vida admitted that Qush was initially hired to star in her recent music video Ku Ikhlaskan and it was only after the shoot that her team decided to take Qush in as part of their team and added that they were in the midst of completing his offer letter.

“At the moment, he’s no longer working with me.

“The initial deal was, I was looking for talents for my new MV called Ku Ikhlaskan. I chose him because I felt that he has all the right features.

“My team had already prepared an offer letter, but it needed to be revised a few times as we need to get mutual approval, but nothing was confirmed,” Vida said.

Vida slammed Qush saying that his revelation was intended to create controversy to garner social media attention and to gain followers.

Qush was announced as Vida’s new PA on February 24 this year where she claimed she will be paying her new assistant a sum of RM10,000 for his monthly salary.

Qush had a lot to share about the act..

“After completing the Ku Ikhlaskan MV shoot, I was waiting for the employment agreement letter because it’s important to me, but still nothing.

“I don’t want to use the word ‘quit’, because the initial deal offer was for collaboration, but now, we’re no longer collaborating on anything,” Qush said on IG Live.

Qush said that he did get paid for his ‘collaboration’ for the MV but did not specify the amount.

He has since deleted posts on Instagram and left his profile empty.

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