Booty booted: UK man who discovered ancient treasure worth £500,000 loses it all and has to do community service

This is an incredible true story about a UK man and the half-a-million-pound treasure. Shane Wood, 62, of Chelmsford, discovered the biggest treasure trove ever found in England, 633 Iron Age gold staters worth up to £500,000 in a field near his home. But he failed to report the find to HM Coroner within 14 days, Chelmsford Magistrates, heard today (April 30). Wood pleaded guilty of failing to report the hoard, he also pleaded guilty to theft of 23 of the coins, worth together up to £12,350. Magistrates ordered Wood to community service for 200 hours and ordered him to pay £200 towards costs. Wood told the court he was walking near his home when he saw a buzzard mobbed by magpies. A feather fell from the buzzard onto a field, so he went over to pick it up. As he stooped down he claimed he saw a glint, a gold coin, and then began digging. He went home and returned with his metal detector and discovered 633 gold coins which he claimed he gave to the owner of the field, who had not given him prior permission to metal detect. Essex Police later searched his home and discovered 23 of the coins on top of his fridge freezer, which he said he kept as a memento of the find.