Coronavirus winners: Peloton, pizza delivery and laptops

As the coronavirus outbreak rages around the world, many businesses face a struggle, or even collapse.

But not all.

Investors see some big winners, and not just obvious names like Amazon.

Essentially, it's anything to do with working and playing at home.

Peloton is one.

The high-tech home-exercise bike firm saw its shares jump 17% last week.

With gyms and even parks shut in some places, people seem sure to need alternatives.

Home working is another guaranteed boom market.

Chipmaker Samsung Electronics has reported a 20% jump in orders.

Some of that is likely to going to laptops for home workers.

Japanese computer maker Dynabook is one to report surging demand.

Meanwhile online service providers around the world are also rushing to upgrade capacity.

That means more data centres, more chips.

China's Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have all been spending big.

Then, of course, people have to eat, and clean.

Contagion fears helped shares in U.S. cleaning products maker Clorox gain 8% since mid-February.

Shares in Domino's Pizza are down almost 11% in March.

Not great, but about half the broader market slide.

Now the U.S. chain is hiring 1,000 people to meet surging demand.

In the UK, food delivery firms such as Abel & Cole have had to close to new customers as they just can't meet demand.

But if people do still go out, what will they do?

Some investors think they know which sector to bet on.

As one told Reuters, if there's one sport you can still play while social distancing, it's golf.