Coronavirus Meets Hollywood. What Now?

Sharon Waxman

This is what is called Uncharted Territory. In the space of 48 hours, the entire world of entertainment as we know it has more or less shut down. Festivals. Conferences. Concerts. Sports events. TV productions. Upfronts. CinemaCon. Broadway. Screenings. Oh, and offices (including ours). Everyone is working from home, or as it is known to save time, space and pixels: WFH. The only thing left fully operational right about now is U.S. movie theaters, and by the time this post is published they may be shut down too. A big chunk of global distribution is already offline. All of the big studio movies due out in the next month or so have been moved off their current release dates, so there will surely be an economic impact on the exhibition industry, at least for the next number of weeks. So, seriously, what happens now? Also Read: Can US Movie Theaters Stay Open With Coronavirus Fears and No New Studio Films? We’ve never seen this state of affairs before — well, except maybe on screen (see “Contagion,” “Outbreak,” “World War Z,” etc). And I doubt that any of us are prepared for the implications. We can already see the streets of...

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