Coronavirus cases outside of China exceed 12,600: WHO

Geneva [Switzerland], Mar 5 (ANI): The World Health Organization (WHO) has registered over 2,100 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) outside of China, whereas the total number of infected people has exceeded 12,600.

The WHO, in its new coronavirus disease situation report, said that the number of confirmed cases outside of China had risen by 2,103 to 12,668 in 76 countries, reported Sputnik.

It said the death toll outside of China had gone up by 48 to 214.

While Spain, Chile, Poland, Hungary, and the Faroe Islands have reported their first cases of coronavirus, the number of people infected in Iran has increased from 2,336 to 2,922, with the death toll reaching 92.

A dog of an infected person in Hong Kong has tested positive for the disease, which means the virus is likely to be transmitted from humans to animals. Hence, all pets of coronavirus patients in Hong Kong will now be quarantined for two weeks, starting Friday. (ANI)