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Soap spoilers follow.

Note: The following article contains discussion of sexual misconduct that some readers may find upsetting.

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1. Coronation Street: Faye fears she's pregnant

(Wednesday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

When the police pay a visit to Number 4, asking questions about the weapon found in Gary's rucksack, Tim fears Faye might have been involved in the attack on Adam. Putting her on the spot, Tim asks his daughter if she knows anything, but she manages to mask her anxiety and denies all knowledge.

With panic building inside her, Faye flees to Maria's where she explains that she might be expecting Ray's baby. But when Tim turns up at the flat and clocks the pregnancy test, Faye decides to be honest with him and bravely reveals that Ray tried to rape her, leading her to accidentally assault Adam in a case of mistaken identity.

Sickened to the core, Tim storms off in search of his daughter's attacker. He also later pays Gary a visit in prison, where he insists they should report Ray to the police.

2. Emmerdale: Debbie returns to the Dales

(Monday at 7pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

As the Dingles scour the Dales in search of missing Sarah, Debbie returns home and discovers that her daughter has disappeared. She fumes at Charity and Cain for not taking better care of her.

Elsewhere, in a barn, a cold and hungry Sarah bonds with Danny over their shared woes. The bad boy offers Sarah an illegal pick-me-up, which she accepts. As the drugs kick in, the teens begin undressing one another. But their plans to sleep together are brought to an abrupt end when Debbie and Charity suddenly burst in.

Danny quickly scarpers, leaving Sarah with some serious explaining to do when Debbie realises she has taken something. Opening up to her mum, Sarah tearfully reveals how lonely she has been feeling, and admits she was the person who planted drugs on innocent Ethan during the stag do.

Sarah's confession leaves Deb wracked with guilt as she blames herself for Sarah's wayward behaviour, but with Ethan on a mission to clear his name, will she turn her own daughter into the police?

3. EastEnders: Shirley discovers the truth

(Monday at 8.05pm on BBC One)

Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC
Photo credit: Jack Barnes - BBC

After being told by Frankie that she deserves everything that's coming to her, Katy fears her crimes have caught up with her when the police come calling. She sneaks back to Walford to see Mick, but he orders her out, insisting that neither he or Frankie reported her.

Once again, Katy attempts to manipulate the situation to her advantage, but when Mick retaliates and gives his abuser some stark home truths, they are shocked to see Shirley has arrived and heard every word. With his mum now in the know, Mick panics that his past will become public knowledge.

Meanwhile, Shirley – who's struggling to deal with the disturbing discovery – is even more determined to track down missing Tina.

Having attempted to throw the Carters off the scent earlier in the week – by sending a text from Tina's phone – killer Gray is alarmed to learn that Shirley is still intent on finding her sister. And the net could be closing in on him when Linda offers to assist with Shirley's search, and reaches out to ex Max for help.

4. Hollyoaks: John Paul in danger from George

(Monday at 7pm on E4 and Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

John Paul and George return to the village loved up after their romantic break away. But the couple's relationship takes a dark turn when George ends up violently punching his boyfriend during a row. The next morning, JP is struggling to make sense of what happened, as he begins to wonder if he's to blame for the copper attacking him. And his worry only continues when George's ex Dean makes a sudden reappearance.

While cheeky Goldie whips John Paul's paranoia up, George also relishes the chance to make him feel even more insecure. Later, Dean has a few words of warning for the vulnerable teacher, as he reveals PC Kiss's coercive behaviour turned him into an obsessive wreck.

But while John Paul starts to consider the parallels between the two relationships, George is determined to keep his man close and suggests it's time they moved in together.

5. Neighbours: Nicolette receives a shocking ultimatum

(Thursday at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5)

Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5

Aaron is buzzing in the wake of Nicolette's pregnancy news, but David still can't forgive her past sins and is going out of his way to avoid being in the house with her. Determined to prove to David that she's a changed woman, Nicolette manages to convince Dipi (with a little help from Chloe) to give her a job at Harold's.

Nicolette then arranges to meet up with Ricardo, the rightful owner of the lottery ticket she stole. Their meeting doesn't go quite as she planned though, and Nicolette is stunned when Ricardo agrees to forget about the theft on the condition she sleeps with him.

Reeling from his seedy proposal, Nicolette ends up confiding in Dipi, who becomes her unlikely ally as she promises to help her find a way of dealing with Ricardo.

6. Coronation Street: Peter's life hangs in the balance

(Friday at 7.30pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Returning home from his trip to Scotland, Peter proudly declares that he hasn't touched a drop of alcohol. But his hopes of positive news at the hospital are dashed when the doctors reveal that the condition of his liver has not improved, meaning he might need a transplant.

Desperate to help his ailing brother, Daniel offers to be his liver donor if he's a match. However, Peter is adamant he isn't deserving of a transplant and instructs Adam to draw up an 'Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment' declaration.

As Peter ignores Ken's plea to reconsider, insisting that he wants to die on his own terms, guilt-ridden Adam fears he's to blame for his uncle's suffering and turns to Carla for help. She goes to The Rovers to try and talk some sense into Peter, but he's in no mood to listen as he grabs a bottle of whisky and begins necking it.

Witnessing the sad scene, Jenny realises living in a boozer isn't helping Peter and tells him that he must move out. Ken offers his son a place to stay, but only on the condition he stops drinking. Peter refuses the ultimatum and storms off to carry on drinking in the ginnel.

The following morning, Steve gets a shock when he discovers Peter lying unconscious in the cold, suffering from hypothermia. Will he pull through?

7. Emmerdale: Has Dawn lost Lucas for good?

(Friday at 7pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Taking Kim up on her offer to throw Lucas a surprise birthday party at HOP, Dawn ropes her family in to help with the preparations. But as the sparks fly between Kim and Will, jealous Harriet is seething to see her ex flirting with someone else.

The vexed vicar heads off to collect birthday boy Lucas, but when the pair fail to return on time, Dawn begins to fear the worst. Eventually, a drunken Harriet arrives back with Lucas in tow and makes a spectacle of herself by announcing that Will and Kim are sleeping together. Although angered by Harriet's irresponsible behaviour, Dawn initially takes pity on her.

Dawn's attitude changes when Lucas's social worker turns up and reveals that Harriet lost the lad while picking him up the previous day. The troubling incident forces Eloise to question whether the family are fit to look after Lucas.

Dawn frets that the authorities are about to take her beloved boy away again. And it seems her worst fears may be confirmed when the police show up to escort Lucas away.

8. EastEnders: Sharon slips up

(Thursday at 7.35pm on BBC One)

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Ian is still unaware of Sharon's sinister mission to drug him to death, and his health takes a turn for the worse when he suffers another collapse. Ash rushes to his aid, but Sharon tries to play things down, insisting that her husband just needs to rest up.

Moments later, Dotty gets slung out of The Vic after a run-in with Sharon and as the females continue to clash, the tension between them doesn't go unnoticed by one Walford resident.

The following day, Ian is hopeful that he's on the mend when he's checked over by a doctor, but concerned Kathy is furious with Sharon for not making her aware of her son's dodgy turn.

Fearing she's on the brink of being found out, Sharon picks up the phone to make a call, but someone is listening in on her conversation and that person decides to let fragile Ian know exactly what they've heard.

9. Hollyoaks: Sienna confesses to Liberty

(Monday at 7pm on E4 and Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Having been tricked into believing the Christmas kiss she witnessed between Sienna and Warren was a figment of her imagination, Liberty opts to remain in hospital to carry on with her recovery. Damon is disappointed by her decision not to return home but when Sienna admits to Warren that she lied to Liberty about their snog, he finds the whole thing hilarious.

Unable to shake off her guilt, Sienna pays her sister a visit and confesses to carrying on with Warren behind Brody's back. Liberty is outraged by her sister's two-timing antics and wants to tell Brody the truth straight away, but Sienna begs her to keep quiet, insisting it would tear their family unit apart.

10. Home and Away: Angelo closes in on Colby

(Friday at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5)

Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5
Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5

Taylor and Colby aren't convinced by Bella's warning that Angelo has rumbled their secret affair. But when Colby breaks into the detective's office in search of a file on Ross Nixon's murder, he's caught by Angelo, who confirms he knows everything. A tense showdown ensues, which Taylor walks straight into, and she reels in horror as she realises she has been found out.

In the aftermath, Colby and Taylor meet up on the beach to discuss their future and they question how it was possible for Angelo to know the ins and outs of their private chats. The penny finally drops for Colby when he realises Angelo planted a bug inside Taylor's necklace.

Colby rips it off her neck, just as Taylor begs him to tell her the truth about Ross. Before Angelo has the chance to hear him confess, Colby chucks the necklace into the sea.

Frustrated that his efforts have been in vain, Angelo calls the inspector seeking sanction to have Colby arrested, and reveals a new witness has come forward with a statement. The big boss advises Angelo to proceed at his own risk, leaving the final decision in his hands.

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