'Corrie' stars played volleyball during filming of dramatic sinkhole scenes

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Julia Goulding has revealed that she and co-star Sally Ann Matthews balanced the high drama of filming Coronation Street's dramatic sinkhole scenes with a fun game of volleyball.

The actor, who plays Shona Platt on the ITV soap, was seen plunging into the sinkhole during Friday's episodes in an attempt to save Jenny Connor (Matthews).

While Jenny was saved from the rising water, her on-screen husband Johnny (Richard Hawley) wasn't so lucky and tragically drowned.

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Goulding shared a number of behind the scenes pictures from the filming on her Instagram page, including of herself and Matthews knocking a beach ball around as part of "storm drain water volleyball".

Sharing an image of herself and Matthews in the water, Goulding said she had "such a fun week" filming the scenes.

Alongside another selfie, she wrote: "For those asking how I managed to get this look, it’s so easy and simple, just get dunked in a giant tank of water for a week. That was a joke. Don't do it. I really don’t advise it."

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The sinkhole scenes took place as part of Super Soap Week, with ITV delivering dramatic stunts across both Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Corrie bosses had been teasing drama around the sinkhole, which has been lurking beneath the Platts' garden for over a year.

Goulding told Digital Spy: "When I saw the sets that had been built, my eyes were so wide and my mouth was open, because it was insane. 

"The studio sets for the storm drain were beautiful. It was incredibly impressive and I couldn't wait to get in.

"But of course once I did get in there, the reality of being neck deep in water for a week was really quite difficult. You get dehydrated so easily."

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Over on Emmerdale, serial killer Meena Jutla took centre stage for Super Soap Week, in which an ill-fated survival challenge led to several jaw-dropping stunts.

The soap threw everything it had at the audience, including a fire in a maze and characters dangling from a bridge above white water rapids.

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