Corgi lovers take over London cafe ahead of Queen's Jubilee

STORY: Dozens of the squat dog breed were given free range of the cafe, where dog biscuits and “pupuccinos” – a canine friendly take on the cappuccino – were on offer, days ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has owned more than 30 corgis over the course of her reign, including 14 generations of the same dog family.

The Queen's father King George VI was the first British royal to have one of the small dogs.

When the Queen was seven, the first corgi the family had was called Dookie and her father gave her her own one called Susan for her 18th birthday.

The monarch’s corgis earned a reputation for snapping at the heels of royal retainers as they carried out duties at her palaces. In 1999, the Queen demoted one of her footmen after he got her pets drunk on whisky and gin by slipping spirits into their food and water.

Britain is set to honour the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with four days of pageantry and celebration. Buckingham Palace has previously said she intends to attend a number of different events.

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