Corden ‘Blown Away’ by Palin’s Election Loss: ‘Unhinged Republicans Seem to Be All the Rage These Days’ (Video)

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James Corden was pretty shocked after Sarah Palin lost her bid to replace longtime Republican Don Young for Alaska’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, especially considering she lost it to a Democrat in the deep-red state. The late night host was “rocked” by the fact that an “unhinged Republican” didn’t win, considering their apparent popularity in politics right now.

With her win in a special election to replace the late Young, Democrat Mary Peltota becomes the first Alaskan Native to serve as a lawmaker in Congress for the state. Peltola’s win is monumental for Democrats, as Young held the seat for 49 years until his death in March.

“It was a surprising loss,” Corden said. “Unhinged Republicans seem to be all the rage these days. I’m blown away here, I am.”

Corden continued to marvel about Alaska being flipped blue, especially after Young won re-election 24 times in his career, at one point winning his race with 71% of the vote.

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“This news has rocked me, you know? You think you know something about Alaskan electoral politics, and then…” Corden said, trailing off. “Just blows up in your face, you know?”

The late-night host did have some words of consolation for Palin and her supporters, though, reminding them that losing a special election to a Democrat in a Republican stronghold isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Palin’s image. “Luckily for Palin this isn’t even close to being the most embarrassing thing she’s done,” he added. “That, going to the time she rapped ‘Baby Got Back’ on ‘The Masked Singer.'”

To make sure audiences really relived that moment, he pulled up a clip of Palin doing just that. The Sir Mix-a-Lot hit ended up being her swan song on the Fox singing competition. If you’re feeling up for it, you can watch that moment here.

At that, Corden took a moment to pause and give his staff some important instructions. The host told his team that after “The Late Late Show” ends next year, if they ever catch him on “The Masked Singer,” they should drop whatever they’re doing, wherever they are in the country and come “punch me as hard as you can, in the face.”

You can watch Corden’s full segment in the video above.

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