Cops say ‘very certain’ body found unclothed in jungle is missing Irish teen (VIDEO)

Thasha Jayamanogran
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Mazlan Mansor at a press conference in Seremban August 13, 2019. — Picture by Thasha Jayamanogaran

NILAI, Aug 13 — The Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Mazlan Mansor this evening said the police are certain that a body of a female found in the jungle area near The Dusun resort, is missing Irish teen, Nora Anne Quoirin,15.

He said she was found without any clothes on her.

“We have reasonable information to say that must be her. We are very certain it is Nora,” he said at a press conference at the Pantai police station here.

“Resembles Nora but we are yet to confirm with the family.

“The body was found in a stream inside a ravine... she had no clothes on,” he added.

He also confirmed that the rescuers had used a police helicopter to winch the body and the deceased will be brought to the Seremban hospital for a post mortem.

“The family will also go to the hospital now for official confirmation on the body,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mazlan further explained that the location where the body was found was merely 2.5km from The Dusun resort.

“I went to the fringes around the area... where she was found. The stream was about 1.2km deep in the ravine,” he said.

He also confirmed the search and rescue team have covered the area in their operations before this.

He however said it was too soon to ascertain how many days the body was at the location where it was found.

He said the case is still classified as a missing persons for now.

He also confirmed a group of volunteers during the search and rescue came across the body after they were tipped off by an individual in the area.

Police did not divulge further on the man who is said to have tipped off the volunteer, saying he will call for another press conference soon.

Earlier, Quoirin’s parents Sebastian and Meabh were brought to the site of the discovery at 4.17pm.

According to police sources, the body was found fully intact.

Negri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop had earlier said that a public tip-off at 1.57pm regarding a body in the jungle around The Dusun resort led to the discovery.

Heavy police presence occupied the area, with personnel from the K-9 unit, sexual crimes division, and forensics team present.

The Lucie Blackman Trust had also confirmed the discovery, adding that it “seems likely” that the body belongs to the teenager.

A police officer pastes a photo of 15-year-old Irish girl Nora Anne Quoirin who went missing from a resort on a wall at a shop in Seremban August 9, 2019.

Yesterday, Nora's parents offered a reward of RM50,000 for any information leading to their daughter’s return.

Meabh Quoirin said: “Nora is so precious to us and our hearts are breaking. We are appealing to anyone who has information about Nora to help us find her.

“We have decided to offer a reward of RM50,000 which was by an anonymous Belfast-based business for any information that directly helps us to find Nora,” she said while holding back her tears.

Police also disclosed yesterday that two police officers from the United Kingdom and another officer from Ireland have arrived here to assist local authorities.

Nora flew to Kuala Lumpur from London with her father and two siblings on August 4 for a two-week holiday. Her mother arrived separately from Singapore.

The family journeyed together to the upscale forest resort from the airport that Saturday.

Nora was found missing from her bedroom which she shared with her siblings at 8am the following day.

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