From copper hair to the short bob and bangs: Get ready for summer's hottest hairstyles

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Short bobs and copper hair are shaping up to be two hot hair trends of the summer.

Could it be time to ditch California blonde for copper hair this summer? This fiery shade is the color of the moment which, along with the short bob and bangs, are gradually shaping up to be the cuts and styles of the season -- a season that's all about going bold. And with the last year proving a write-off, more or less, what better way to freshen things up and shake off the doom and gloom as we (hopefully) head into more joyful, festive times?

For more than a year, we've been counting the grays, frizz, split ends and other hair woes, all of which our favorite hairdressers weren't able to take care, first because non-essential businesses were closed, and then because of overloaded schedules. And that's barely an exaggeration! Beyond the simple fact of being able to go to a salon, few have indulged in hair eccentricities for the simple reason that changing your look is of limited interest when you're locked down or stuck working from home. But, as covid-19 restrictions begin to ease and with summer just around the corner, what better way to freshen things up than with a trip to the hairdresser. And the timing's perfect, because this summer's trends are each more audacious than the next.

Copper hair, don't care

With millions of mentions and views on Instagram and TikTok respectively, copper hair is looking red-hot as a hair color trend this summer. In fact, it seems to be THE top trend of the moment ... not to mention sweet revenge for redheads. Because red hair, in darker shades, forms the basis of this color trend, which is taking the world by storm with its coppery highlights. While blonde -- in all manner of shades and variations -- is often a summer staple, this year it's all about bright, flamboyant red-copper tones, which are sure to complement sun-kissed skin.

> Advantage: it's a color that's suitable for all hairstyles and cuts and, above all, all hair colors, with lighter or darker effects depending on your original shade.
> Downside: this color job requires a certain amount of upkeep with suitable products and a conscientious routine.

The bob is back, in all its forms

Whether it's a French bob, a wavy bob, a sharp bob, a mid-bob, a paper-cut bob, a boy-band bob or a boyfriend bob, in recent months, it seems that hardly a week goes by on social media without talk of some kind of bob, despite the pandemic and its various lockdowns and restrictions. Whether it's for a more lightweight feel or just to go short for a change, the bob is the top cut right now, tried and tested by influencers and fashion icons alike. The androgynous boyfriend bob -- and especially the retro-style boy-band bob (think Victoria Beckham or Nick Carter in the 1990s) -- are particularly popular right now, as is the slightly longer mid-bob, which still has many faithful followers. Paradoxically, wavy hair -- often synonymous with summer in various styles and lengths -- doesn't feature among this summer's hottest styles.

> Advantage: the bob offers a lightweight feel and can be a change if you have long hair. It'll also save time in the bathroom, especially in the mornings.
> Downside: there aren't really any downsides, other than that it's a good idea to be sure of your choice before taking the plunge, or you could end up regretting it for months.

Hello bangs

Time to reach for the scissors! Bangs are also back this summer, and here too with various styles to choose from. Whether asymmetrical, feathered or curtains, bangs are shaping up to be a must-have, so long as they aren't too strict and sharp, or too over-styled. This time around, bangs have a more relaxed, messier (but not too messy!) vibe -- a perfect match for summer's more casual looks. You just have to find the style that suits you best. Anyone with long hair can test out the look by putting hair in a ponytail then using the ends to create a bangs effect. Otherwise, you could experiment with clip-on bangs.

> Advantage: bangs can be helpful for hiding certain complexes, like a large forehead, and they can be suitable for all face shapes, provided that you find the right style. Contrary to popular belief, bangs can also be suitable for all hair types, although taming curls and waves isn't always easy.
> Downside: the trauma. Many 30- and 40-somethings who lived through the '90s first-hand may have already experienced bangs without ever having asked for them.

Christelle Pellissier