COP26 activist: 'Climate justice must include feminism'

A women's leadership program director from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chouchouna Mpunga Losale, said women are more prone to be victimised by climate-related catastrophes, as they suffer from poor harvests or infertile soils.

"If these women are not participating in activities related to the fight against climate change, I could say that it's null and void," Losale said.

A Fridays For Future activist from the Philippines, Mitzi Tan, recalled how women were forced to go into sex work, due to economic devastation following Typhoon Haiyan in central Philippines in 2013.

"When we're talking about climate justice, it has to include feminism," Tan said.

U.N. Women said in a statement that ensuring women's and girls' leadership was vital if global efforts to tackle climate change are to succeed.

The agency called for full and effective participation and leadership in policy and decision-making at community, national and international levels, and to increase ambition in all sectors.

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