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Cooped-Up Kids Will Love These 20 Exciting Art Project Kits

Sometimes, all kids need is a blank sheet of paper and some art materials to get their creativity flowing. Other times, they need a little inspiration to get started. When you’re in need of your next refrigerator masterpiece, it’s time to break out some cool craft kits for kids — one of our favorite kids' activities to keep them busy for hours.

These art kits for kids may come in a box, but they don’t stifle their artistic intuitions — this isn’t about coloring within the lines. Boys and girls, toddlers and teens can all find something that will spark their imaginations. The kits will give them the materials to get started, sure, but the rest is up to the artists themselves: Some give you 2D works ready for hanging (or even framing), while others will help them make something that’s meant to decorate their rooms, since kids love to personalize their own spaces. Get ready to break out the markers, glue, string, stickers, tissue paper, stamps, and even rocks and get creating. (And, parents, we feel your struggles, so we tried to find kits that weren’t too messy, either.) When all is done, you’ll be able to have your own at-home open studio day and have an art show of new, incredible works.