Cool things: Highlights from Acer’s latest product launch

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The new TravelMate offers a robust build with great specs. — Picture courtesy of Acer
The new TravelMate offers a robust build with great specs. — Picture courtesy of Acer

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — Acer’s next@acer press conference had the usual line-up of updates on its product range.

Besides laptops, there were also announcements about gaming monitors, projectors... and air purifiers?

Here’s a selection of particularly interesting tid-bits from last night:

Three new TravelMate notebooks

The TravelMate series is one of Acer’s longest-running — offering commercial-grade notebooks with noteworthy specs. Three new models join the line-up, now offering 4G LTE as well as MIL-STD 810G grade durability.

You get to choose between the convertible Spin P4 (TMP414RN-51), TravelMate P4 (TMP414-51) and the ultra-long battery with the TravelMate P2 (TMP214-53).

The P4 Spin also comes with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass for added peace of mind.

Specs-wise the new models come with the new 11th-gen Intel processors and the option for GeForce MX350 GPUs and up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, 4 lane PCIe SSDs and 1TB SSDs storage.

Malaysian prices are not available as yet but the devices retail in the US at the following starting prices: TravelMate P2 (US$799.99/RM3,319)

TravelMate P4 (US$899.99)

TravelMate Spin P4 (US$8999.99)

An AI gaming translator

With esports fast becoming a global fixture, it makes sense for a translator to become part of gaming tech.

Acer’s SigridWave is an in-game live AI translator that builds on deep learning technology to “facilitate communication amongst gamers around the world.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t extend to trash talking your opponent in “live” games.

Acer says SigridWave was trained with over 10 million bilingual sentence pairs (so far) and uses neural machine translation (NMT) as well as automatic speech recognition (ASR) to recognise gaming lingo associated with specific games.

Besides the new tech, Acer’s also upgraded its Planet9 gaming community by adding ways to keep up with your favourite gamers via Clubs, connecting to like-minded gamers via Teams and setting up your own competitions via Tournaments.

The new AcerPure Cool purifier also works as a fan. — Picture courtesy of Acer
The new AcerPure Cool purifier also works as a fan. — Picture courtesy of Acer

AcerPure Cool purifier

Acer announced a 2-in-1 purifier and circulator that comes with a HEPA certified filter. It’s basically built to not just improve the air quality but work as a fan.

The AcerPure Cool will detect levels of PM1.0 suspended particles and adjust operation modes according to the level, with an LED indicator light displaying real-time air quality.

The product is set to be launched in Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia but no availability details or pricing are known at the moment.

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