Controversial preacher PU Abu slammed for asking unborn child to ‘wait’ for him

Mark Ryan Raj
PU Abu would have never thought that him wishing to see his baby born would result in such backlash from social media users. — Screengrab via Instagram/@_sufyanmokhtar.

PETALING JAYA, Jan 17 — Social media users were having a field day criticising controversial preacher PU Abu Sufyan on his Instagram account after he uploaded a post about his soon-to-be-born child.

PU Abu, whose real name is Muhammad Abu Sufyan Mohd Mokhtar Rozaidi, took to Instagram late yesterday night to upload an ultrasound recording of his unborn child, asking it to “wait for him to come home” before being born.

PU Abu wrote in his post that he would be flying off on a religious mission to Mecca as part of a 40-man congregation to put food on the table.



In his post, he also said that he hoped his 37-weeks-old unborn baby would wait for him so that he could be the second person to hold it.

Many users were infuriated with the 25-year-old’s delight in anticipation of seeing his awaited child with his wife Hana Azraa, as they condemned the celebrity preacher for previously leaving his ex-wife Ain Afini Latif while she was pregnant.

Social media users took PU Abu’s post to heart, as they said that he was never this excited about his first child. — Screengrab via Instagram/@_sufyanmokhtar

Users were livid at the fact that PU Abu never displayed this sort of excitement when his ex-wife Ain was pregnant and said that Hana was “so lucky” to have him.

“It just feels sad, for this pregnancy you are so excited, but for the old’s just sad. Ain should have experienced this moment,” wrote one user.

“Hana is so lucky, while she’s pregnant her husband is by her side and he’s not looking for other girls. She’s so lucky isn’t she?” wrote another user.

Some of PU Abu’s loyal fans weren’t as disapproving. — Screengrab via Instagram/@_sufyanmokhtar

PU Abu, however, who was somewhat unfazed by their jibes, didn’t have it all bad in the comments section, as some of his loyal followers wished him and Hana all the best.

While one user advised him to “turn off” the comments on his posts to avoid being the brunt of abuse from keyboard warriors.

“Brother Abu, I’m sorry but I’m just sharing my thoughts. I’m not trying to be rude or critical, but maybe when posting about personal things like this it’s better to turn off the comments,” wrote the user.

The drama and controversy surrounding PU Abu began in April last year when his split with then-wife Ain Afini, who was pregnant, made its rounds on social media with the name “Hana” being heavily linked as the cause of their separation.

PU Abu and Ain’s marital conflict ended in May last year after the pronouncement of the second talak.

The pair also have a child together, as young Muhammad Adam Aysar was born at the Shah Alam Hospital on June 7.


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