Out-of-control pickup truck smashes into cars parked outside Thailand homes

This is the shocking moment an out-of-control pickup truck smashed into cars parked outside family homes.

The white Chevrolet ploughed into the vehicles in front of single-storey bungalows in Rayong, eastern Thailand, on March 29.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the terrifying crash and the driver emerged from the vehicle unscathed, running around holding his back.

Residents said the motorist blamed a problem with the brakes and agreed to pay compensation for the damaged vehicles and building.

A white Honda Civic was written off and the front wall of one of the homes was destroyed.

One of the neighbours said: ''A car and the accommodation was damaged by the crash. If somebody had been standing in the wrong place they could have been killed.

''The driver must pay for the damage as the crash was his fault.''