Construction site cafe turns heads in Seoul

STORY: Location: Seoul, South Korea

This construction site in Seoul has turned into an ‘accidental café’

serving coffee and cakes that resemble long bricks

The three-story building was originally a private home under renovation

[Oh Soon-seok, Owner / AREA092]

"We were making our own brand's showroom, but had to stop construction due to cold weather. My team members suggested to do something funny rather than killing our time, so we ended up with opening a cafe while keeping a real construction site mood."

‘AREA092’ will be open for 92 days until renovations resume

The space features exposed pipes, tarpaulin sheets and warning signs on broken concrete walls

"Even though this place is decorated as a construction site, the authorities confirmed that it’s safe and clean just like other cafes. It's an interesting facility which is run legitimately. So, I hope many people will come and enjoy new things and experiences."

[Choi So-youn / Customer]

"I heard that a construction site café had opened. I was like 'Is this really happening?' So, I decided to come here and was so excited. As I am seeing this place here, this construction site mood is unique and exotic with graffiti. So, I'm going to draw some graffiti."