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Perfect Bar Original Refrigerated Protein Bar

Keep these Perfect Bar Original Refrigerated Protein Bar ($24 for 8) on hand because they'll give you tons of energy, and they're insanely delicious.

I Consider Myself a Snacking Expert, and These Are My 13 Healthy Favorites on Amazon

It's safe to say I'm a snacking aficionado; I can't go a day without some kind of afternoon snack. As someone who prioritizes healthy eating but still has a substantial sweet tooth, I've found a few great options that satisfy my cravings and still make me feel like I'm nourishing my body. Plus, I'm all about convenience, so every single one of these products is available on Amazon.

From grain-free tortilla chips to perfect protein bars and cheesy bites, these 13 items are a busy person's dream come true, because they'll keep you nourished while you're on the go. I've been known to keep more than a few of these in my desk for when hunger strikes. Happy snacking!


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