Conservationists work to save Dead Sea Toothcarp

The Dead Sea Toothcarp is on the brink of extinction

but Jordanian conservationists have set a five-year timeline

to save the threatened fish, native to the Dead Sea region

Location: Karak, Jordan


"It reached this point of being endangered because of a lot of threats, meaning negative practices from some organizations and people who led it to becoming endangered. For example, the presence of other (predatory) fish like Tilapia fish which was released in an unscientific way within the basins where this fish used to live, this was one of the main reasons that endangered it. In addition to the mismanagement of the valleys by some organizations that are responsible for it. Quarrying takes place, water is exploited in an incorrect manner and agricultural sewage is released into the valley."

The five-year plan includes preparing alternative habitats

and allowing it to reproduce before releasing it into its natural habitat

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