Conor McGregor faces off with ex-UFC star Mike Perry at bare knuckle boxing event

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Conor McGregor entered the ring at a Bare Knuckle FC event on Saturday to face off with former UFC star Mike Perry.

Perry had just beaten ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold via TKO after cracking his fellow American’s tooth, when he called on McGregor to emerge from the crowd and step through the ropes.

The Irishman, 34, exchanged polite words with Perry, 31, saying: “It was a good fight, [Rockhold]’s a bit long and rangy.

“Fair play to you, mate, I respect you. I know this game, I’m in this game, and fair play to you. I’d fight you, I’d fight you no problem, Mike.”

McGregor went on to say: “It’s an incredible set-up here, incredible matchmaking, incredible storytelling. I had to come here, I flew [to Colorado] straight away. I was not going to miss this, and it did not disappoint. All these fighters that step in here are warriors, and all have my respect.”

During the event in Broomfield, McGregor also watched two of his former UFC opponents – Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes – box each other.

McGregor could be heard encouraging Alvarez to throw an uppercut, moments before the American landed that very punch on his compatriot. Alvarez then pointed to McGregor in the crowd, acknowledging his advice.

McGregor knocked out Mendes in 2015 to become interim UFC featherweight champion, before doing the same to Alvarez in 2016 to become undisputed lightweight champion.

The Irishman is set to fight Michael Chandler in the UFC this year, though no date, location or weight class has been announced for the bout.

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