Connecticut Police Rescue Man From Fast-Moving Water at Mouth of Sluice Pipe

Police officers in Guilford, Connecticut, rescued a man who fell into water while crab fishing and was almost swept into a sluice pipe on Wednesday, June 24.

The Guilford Police Department said officers responded to a 911 call early Wednesday morning from the man’s wife, who said her husband had fallen into water near Leetes Island Road and that she was holding onto him to prevent him being swept into the sluice pipe by the strong current.

Officers arrived on the scene and were able to secure a rope around the man and pull him to safety.

Police said one of the reasons they were able to find the man so quickly was because his wife used her phone’s Siri function to call 911, because she could not safely let go of her husband.

The phone dialed and dispatchers were able to locate the victim through the state 911 tracing system.

“This situation had an amazing outcome with no injuries suffered by the victim. There were several things that could have easily lead to his death had his wife not been there to call 911 and help support him and hold him above water until officers arrived,” police said. Credit: Guilford Police Department via Storyful