Conjoined twins successfully separated in Brazil

STORY: These three-year-old conjoined

twins were successfully separated

after a 27-hour surgery

Arthur and Bernardo Lima were born in

a rural part of northern Brazil in 2018

They shared part of the brain and main

vein that carries blood back to the heart

Doctors spent months researching

and preparing for the surgery

(Gabriel Mufarrej, Neurosurgeon)

“I talked to Adriely and told her I believed we were capable to separate the children. I learned the phrase ‘when you have 1% of possibility, you have 99% of faith’.”

The boys were able to lay face-to-face

for the first time after the surgery

They will spend the next six months

undergoing rehabilitation

Arthur and Bernardo are the oldest

twins with a fused brain to be separated

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