Congressman's Message to Trump and 'Domestic Terrorists' Who Stormed Capitol: 'You Lost'

A Massachusetts Congressman recorded a video message from Washington on Thursday, January 7, in which he tells Donald Trump and the “domestic terrorists” who broke into the US Capitol building earlier that week that they would be held to account.

Congressman Jim McGovern, a Worcester Democrat, was presiding over the House Chamber when protesters attacked the US Capitol building on Wednesday.

“So these are the front doors of the Capitol,” he said in a video message posted to Facebook on Thursday. “And I just wanted to show you some of the damage here. This is what these domestic terrorists, these cowards did yesterday here in the Capitol yesterday. This is what Donald Trump did here in the Capitol.”

McGovern said he was back at work and would continue to do his job, adding that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be sworn in on January 20.

“To those that did this, you will be held to account and we will make sure that those who are responsible for this are arrested and are brought to justice,” he said. “And we are also going to hold to account the man who instigated this, the occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump.”

McGovern concluded: “To Trump and to the domestic terrorists that came here: you lost, you lost, the people won.” Credit: Congressman Jim McGovern via Storyful