Concord Devs Respond To Everyone Hating On The Trailer

Screenshot: Playstation / Firewalk Studios / Kotaku
Screenshot: Playstation / Firewalk Studios / Kotaku

Earlier this month, during PlayStation’s most recent State of Play, the world was formally introduced to team-based FPS Concord via a story trailer. The reception was... not great! But the devs behind the game are still excited for players to see more of Concord and finally play it later this year.

Concord was first revealed in 2023 with a vague sci-fi teaser featuring a sniper rifle. We didn’t know what it was until May’s State of Play, where the sci-fi shooter opened the show and took up a large portion of the event. The game’s first big story trailer flopped online, with many unfavorably comparing it to Guardians of the Galaxy. Some gameplay shown during the event also didn’t go over well, with people online unsure if the world needs yet another 5v5 class-based hero shooter. And now, the devs at Firewalk Studios have responded to the backlash.

In an interview with VGC during a preview event for the game, Concord’s director of IP Kim Kreines reflected on the reaction to the trailer and how it’s just a “tiny slice” of the full game.

“Yeah, that trailer, that moment is such a tiny slice of everything that we’ve been working on for years and years,” said Kreines. “We’re excited for the game and for the IP, and for the game to be in people’s hands and the IP to be in people’s minds.”

Kreines further explained that players will be able to learn more about this world via the Galactic Guide and weekly updates that will add new cutscenes and lore to the game. And according to the developer, all of that couldn’t be included in a short debut trailer.

“You’ll start to fall in love with the depth of the characters,” said Kreines. “That’s something that you learn week to week. Their personalities will unfold, their relationships will unfold for you, their backstories. None of that is something you can get in a tiny little slice.”

Still, she was excited that people watched the trailer and that there was a reaction to it, adding: “ I can’t wait for them to see more. To see everything that is there.”

Jon Weisnewski, lead character designer on Concord, seemed less interested in the initial reaction to the trailer and thinks players will be won over by the combat and gameplay.

“We have a team that is uniquely skilled at building very immersive and fluid gameplay that just feels tremendous in the player’s hands,” said Weisnewksi.

“The second they pick up the controller the game just comes to life. Like every action is responsive. And I’ve been a player of these games my whole life, these games are what I love to play, and I know that it’s all about how does it play, right. I want players to come into the beta, if they don’t like it after the beta that’s fine, but I think, yeah the the initial reaction is all about like, how does it actually play in your hands.”

Concord launches on August 23 for PS5 and PC with crossplay. The game will cost $40. It will include cosmetic microtransactions, but the devs say all story and gameplay content will be added for free via updates. Concord’s closed beta starts July 12 for those who pre-order the game. Its open beta arrives on July 18.


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