Concerned farmer uses drone to check on sick calf

JuJube is a calf who is facing some serious challenges. He was born a few weeks ago on a beautiful farm in Ontario, Canada. It's known as an "ethical farm". Family owned and operated, they raise a small herd on a vast expanse of rolling pasture. This farm is much different than the massive factory farms that are profit driven. Here, they treat the animals more like pets here and the farmers place more emphasis on herd health than profit. The cows have acres of lush, green pasture and meadows to wander and graze on. There is forest for shade and exploration, and there are ponds full of fresh water for drinking. Bernise is a seasoned mother and she has been a good cow, having lived on this farm for ten years. She has a wonderful disposition and she trusts the farmers. She will even allow them to handle her new baby and treat him, as he has needed since birth. JuJube was born with difficulty walking and getting up. A cow who cannot stand will not be able to nurse and he will not be able to follow the herd. He will not thrive and eventually, he will starve. Farmer Dave will not let this happen to JuJube and he felt he owed it to Bernise to do all that he could to help her calf. Dave has had the veterinarian out to the farm every few days to examine JuJube and check on his progress. They initially suspected that he might suffer from white muscle disease, which is a deficiency in selenium. Dave gave JuJube vitamins and supplements by injection and the veterinarian also prescribed anti-inflammatories and antibiotics because JuJube could also be suffering from an infection in his joints. JuJube has responded well to treatments and he has gained the strength to walk and follow Bernise. But farmer Dave and a helper have been taking turns lifting JuJube to his feet several times each day. He is given extra milk as well, to help him build his strength.

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