This $80 steamer is my go-to for perfectly pressed clothes: Here's why

Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1
I tried the Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1.

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I've lost track of the amount of times I've planned outfits in my mind (forgetting that they badly need to be ironed), and I'm left with a time crunch to re-plan an outfit.

After going through this situation countless times, I opted to try Conair's iron and steam 2-in-1, since it happens to be billed as being "the most powerful handheld steamer."

Read on for my experience using the iron and steam 2-in-1, plus my thoughts on whether it lives up to its reputation.

Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1

Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1. Image via Amazon.
Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1. Image via Amazon.

$80 at Amazon

The Details

The Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steam & Iron 2-in-1 has 1,875 watts of turbo steaming power, and is ready to use in under 10 seconds. It has four steam settings: low, medium, high and turbo, plus the option to use it with or without steam.

There are features such as touch control sensor and steam pause safety to halt steam on a flat surface. It can also be used vertically or horizontally depending on your liking.

For simpler fabrics, you can use it as a traditional iron, but when you're under time pressure, a bit of steam can go a long way to get out creases and wrinkles. The tool also comes with accessories such as a bonnet, creaser, and silicone band and bristle brush to give you the perfect press every time.

I tried the 2-in-1 turbo iron and steamer by Conair.
I tried the 2-in-1 turbo iron and steamer by Conair.

My thoughts

It's been seven months now, and I'm happy to say the steam and iron has come in very handy over the seasons.

What I love is how versatile the steam and iron functions are, from using it for daily wear to party wear, the settings allow for really great results depending on the fabric you are ironing.

It's coming in handier now that I have weddings to attend this summer and fabrics that don't easily iron with a traditional iron, and rather need a burst of steam to get wrinkle-free results.

I did find that using the gadget as a regular iron without any steam wasn't much different from using a traditional iron, so I'm sure you can find a cheaper one that delivers the same results if you're on a budget. But, using the iron with steam is very powerful and makes a huge difference.

Before and after results of the 2-in-1 iron and steam from Conair.
Before and after results of the 2-in-1 iron and steam from Conair.

In one recent example, I tried the iron and steam settings on my georgette trousers and set a timer. My trousers were wrinkle-free in exactly one minute. The steam setting definitely helps speed up the ironing process, and I noticed that when I tried the iron alone on other similar piece, it did take longer.

I love using this gadget because it's fast with the steam and gives amazing results. For those moments when I have to rush out the door, I can rely on this tool to quickly smooth out those wrinkles in a go.

What others are saying

Although it is a fairly new product in the market, it has a 4.1-star rating from shoppers on Amazon. It has the highest marks for being easy to use and lightweight.

One shopper who recently started using the iron said that the auto setting feature "could have been more clear," but still highly recommends it as they found it to be an "amazing steamer."

Another shopper stated they never thought they would "enjoy taking wrinkles out" of their clothes and that the "steam pressure is excellent."

Despite the positive reviews, one shopper wasn't too pleased with the iron settings and stated it works on certain fabrics but "doesn't substitute an iron." They found it to be heavy and kept it for certain fabrics.

The verdict

If you want a gadget that steams and irons all in one, do consider this one. The steam pressure definitely gives fast and amazing results, making it well worth the price.

If you are looking for an iron only, you can find a cheaper iron with more specific iron settings. However, I was impressed with the steam pressure so for tougher fabrics, this tool is my go-to.

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