A Comprehensive Timeline of James Kennedy and Ally Lewber’s Relationship

Put a finger down if, after years of roller-coaster relationships, you feel as though James Kennedy has f-i-n-a-l-l-y met his perfect match. *Puts all fingers down*

Luckily, the world-famous DJ has been in a full-on relationship for over two years with Ally Lewber, who we're high-key totally obsessed with. These two met shortly after James decided to call it quits with Rachel Leviss and fell fast and furiously in love with Ally.

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Ahead, a comprehensive timeline of their love story from the very beginning. ❤️

January 2022

During part two of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion, Ally and James confirmed that they began dating roughly six weeks after the DJ ended his engagement to Rachel Leviss. "I think everyone does process breakups differently. For me, it was enough time," James revealed before Ally jumped in and noted, "We definitely both went into it planning to take things slow. I mean, we did jump into it, but a lot of conversations were had about it."

ally lewber james kennedy
River Callaway - Getty Images

February 2022

While appearing on Vanderpump Rules costar Lala Kent's podcast Give Them Lala, James was asked whether fans can expect to see Ally on the next season of the hit show.

"Look, it’s too early to say, honestly. I do like this girl, I really do," he dished (via Page Six) before adding, "I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. I can’t ask any girl to do that. With [Ally], I’m taking my time. She gets to really choose what she wants to do with that whole situation, and then for me, it’s like, I have to decide as well."

March 2022

"Only the most magical trip I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, here’s a little slide show of todays adventure," the reality star penned on Instagram alongside snaps from his and Ally's Tulum, Mexico, vacation. "Share the love people! and the positivity! cause life’s too short 😉🌊✨🌙."

That month, the two continued to take their romance public with an appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

April 2022

The duo made a buncha memories together, from a trip to Jamaica...

...To spending their first Coachella together. "This is my favorite pic from night 1," James captioned a cute selfie of himself and his girlfriend cuddled up at the music festival.

July 2022

"We're really, truly best friends and I really do see it going the distance," the DJ confessed to Us Weekly about his 'ship. "I've always been true to myself. So if I didn't see anything going anywhere, I really wouldn't jump into something quickly. But I don't really put a time on anything in life. Like age, time is all relative. So it doesn't really matter."

November 2022

Another day, another vacay for these two!

January 2023

The couple celebrated Ally's bday in NYC and looked so in love. ❤️

February 2023

It was Ally's turn to gush about her and James's love story. "He's the romantic one. It's harder for me to say [I love you]," she dished to Us Weekly. "He wears his heart on his sleeve more than I do, but I do [love him]. He knows that."

That same month, Ally began making frequent appearances on Vanderpump Rules, and fans found out more details about their ~origin story~ during one of James's confessionals."I met Ally about five or six weeks after Raquel and I broke up. A lot of people would say that's really soon, but you can't put a f*cking date on love," the DJ explained during the season 10 premiere of the hit show. "I'm not even that guy that would just get a girlfriend for the f*ck of it. Unless I'm f*cking obsessed and I need that ass in my bed every time I wake up."

May 2023

"This is an Ally Bally appreciation post! I’m super proud of her and everything she’s doing! she truly is my bestie. Love you❤️🔥," James gushed alongside a buncha loved-up snaps of himself and his girlfriend.

August 2023

The couple made us all types of jealous by stepping out at the Eras Tour together.

November 2023

James and Ally joined the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast at BravoCon and looked *chef's kiss*.

ally lewber james kennedy
Nicole Weingart/Bravo - Getty Images

December 2023

The duo teamed up for their first single, "I Believe in You," and opened up about the project during a convo with Us Weekly. "It’s been an incredible experience collabing with Station Little on this," James said of the track. "Ally and I have been working on a lot of music this year, and this is just a great way to add to the collection that we’re going to be releasing soon."

"This song is all about following your dreams, which is a message that I’m very passionate about," Ally added. "I’m from Ohio and moved to L.A. with some big dreams, and I know [James] agrees and had some big dreams as well."

February 2024

Ally spilled all the deets on her and James's Valentine's Day plans to BravoTV.com, saying, "Oh my gosh, I think that James has a show in New York City, which is my favorite city."

"I'm pretty sure he is going to have a show, but then we'll do a Broadway show because that's what we did last year, and it’s our favorite thing to do together now; I got him into theater and Broadway," she added.

April 2024

Ally opened up to Variety about her experience being on the show and all the reactions she's gotten from the public. "I’m super grateful and lucky, because I do feel like the majority of [fan’s comments on social media] are really nice. And the ones that aren’t, I have gotten really good at not paying attention, or not letting them get to me," she said before noting, "I think that the ones that get to me are the ones that question my love for James, and my intentions. That is always hard to read, because it’s not up to anyone else to decide. They see literally 30 minutes, not even, probably five minutes of me on TV. He’s such a lovely person. He has Venus in the first house—I always use that to explain it to people. And my Venus is in the 12th house, so I am pretty private."

"I wish people could see more of us, because our relationship off-camera is a lot more funny, silly, and creative. We really push each other. He’s my biggest cheerleader, and I’m his. And so I think that’s the only thing that hurts is when I see comments questioning my love for him, because I do love him," she added.

May 2024

Fans got up to speed on where the couple is at re: their future. "I've known from the beginning when I first met James that he really did want a family, to have children, and to get married. And those are things that he really values," Ally explained to The Daily Dish. "I feel differently, but I do see myself having kids one day. But I feel like we're both just so busy and I'm just so happy with where we're at."

"I'm more of a slow person," she then noted. "I take it day by day where, you know, James is very quick with it. I'm like, we have forever. We have all the time in the world. And I just want us to enjoy this chapter where we're at now 'cause we're so happy."

"I'm just not there yet in life and James does know that, and so, we've talked about it and he knows and he's happy to wait as long as he will. [But] he shouldn't wait forever because I know that is something that's really important to him," the reality star added.

June 2024

Ally posted this cute carousel of her May moments with James and we're 🥺❤️:

Aaaaaaand that's pretty much all we know for now, but definitely make sure to check back in for any and all updates on these two!

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