"Complete disaster": displaced need help in Kabul

Hundreds of families from across Afghanistan have sought food and shelter from Mahboba's Promise, this small non-profit organization in Kabul, its founder says.

Mahboba Rawi, speaking from her home in Sydney on Tuesday (September 7), said the departure of many aid organizations since the Taliban took over three weeks ago had left people desperate.

"So they all left their houses and come and sit somewhere close to my office in Kabul office. It was 900 people with so many children, so many families, breastfeeding children, pregnant women. They all come and sat on the ground without nothing. So, complete disaster, complete disaster. So, I am as a grassroots organization did my best. I went everyday, everyday bringing them bread, water, milk for the children and take care of them while there is no organization existing to support them. Because, everybody's left Afghanistan."

Rawi fled Afghanistan in the 1980s after Russia invaded. Mahboba's Promise now runs four orphanages, a medical clinic and five schools in Afghanistan.

Rawi called on the United Nations to help, particularly in the Panjshir valley, where the Taliban claimed victory on Monday (September 6).

"In Panjshir Valley people trapped in the past two weeks. There's a war going on there, there's a heavy, heavy war going on there and people trapped inside. They cannot come out and no one can go in and people have no electricity, no mobile or internet connection, so they are cut from the rest of the world. Trapped in the situation of war and that's why I call for Untied Nations to interfere to support people on the ground in Panjshir Valley."

The Taliban have also appealed to the international community to continue support for Afghanistan.

On Sunday (September 5), a Taliban spokesman said the U.N. undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs, Martin Griffiths, had promised to maintain assistance to the Afghan people.

Drought and war have forced about 5.5 million people to flee their homes within Afghanistan.

According to the International Organization for Migration, 550,000 of those were newly displaced this year.

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