Competitors brave heights at Highline World Championships

STORY: At an altitude of 2252 metres above sea level on top of the Crap Sogn Gion Mountain, the athletes competed in the disciplines of Freestyle Highline and together in Speed Highline.

Three 63-metre-long lines with different tensions were available for the freestyle event. The speed contest had two parallel 100-metre-long lines, on which athletes had to run a 60-metre section.

France’s Benoit Brume won the Men's Speed Highline with his fastest time at 00:37:54 across the 60m segment.

Frenchwoman Louise Lenoble landed a ‘Front Almighty Flip’ – completing a standing rotation around the highline while holding on to the line with her feet.

In the men’s freestyle competition, American Davis Hermes wowed the crowd with ‘The Holy Grail’ – completing a double forward roll around the highline and grabbing the line in the second roll.

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