Compel all executives to attend PSC, Hannah Yeoh tells Speaker after snub by Home Ministry

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh has called on executives to make themselves available when summoned by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee (PSC) after the Home Ministry (KDN) did not attend the case hearing of mothers who have applied to obtain citizenship for their children born abroad.

Yeoh, who is part of the Special Select Committee on Women and Children Affairs and Social Development, said it had called on the ministry to come forth and provide a briefing with the Special Select Committee on the impact on these children and mothers.

"But we are sad because KDN has decided not to make a presentation, does not want to come and see us. This PSC was established by Parliament, our job is to check the power of the executive so that it is not abused and their policy is to protect women and children.

"This is an inappropriate thing to happen where the executive does not want to come and see us. We want the Speaker to look into this issue and immediately make improvements or take action that will correct this situation,” she said in a press conference at Parliament today.

Yeoh added that the matter of compelling those who were summoned by the PSC was discussed when Tan Sri Muhammad Ariff Yusof became the Dewan Rakyat Speaker but was shelved when he was replaced.

She gave an example that in Selangor, the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) could compel civil servants to appear before a hearing or face punishment.

"For example in Selangor, contempt occurs if the officer does not attend the committee, especially when we have a Selcat hearing, we can make a police report for (action) contempt.

"We want the same thing to happen here (Parliament),” she said.

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