This Company Makes Bras Specifically for People With Asymmetrical Boobs

Kelsey Stiegman
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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

From Seventeen

Did you know that basically everyone has some form of asymmetry in their breasts? Yep, it's super common and your lopsided boobs are totally normal, but it can make bra hunting a regular pain in the tit.

If you've spent most of your post-pubescent life looking for a bra that fits both breasts, this brand is going to change your underwire drawer for good. Lingerie company ThirdLove has actually designed an entire collection of bras just for asymmetrical breasts.

Every wire bra from their Plunge collection comes with removable padded inserts, so you can customize each cup to fit your bust – *chef kiss* – to perfection.

Ra'el Cohen, head of design, says that the ThirdLove team knew girls with mismatched cup sizes weren't being catered to in the underwire department, so they decided to solve that problem themselves.

"We’re focused on giving women their best possible fit — and since no other brands were addressing asymmetry, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to step in and help," Cohen told

"[The bra] was designed with removable memory foam inserts that allow you to even out your shape. You can add in the pad on the smaller side, or if you have even more asymmetry, you can double up and wear two pads on the smaller side to even out your breasts," she continued.

Even if you don't have uneven boobs, ThirdLove is sure to stock your new everyday bra (the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra is my personal favorite). They carry most designs in half sizes, so if you're between an A and B cup, you'd pick a A½.

On top of that, ThirdLove has just launched 24 new sizes. They now carry cups AA through I, up to a 48" band size, making them the leading brand for size inclusivity with more than 80 different options.

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