Commuters Wear Masks on Wuhan Subway as Hundreds of Coronavirus Cases Confirmed

Commuters in Wuhan wore face masks on the local subway on January 21 as authorities confirmed more than 400 cases of the deadly coronavirus had been identified following an outbreak in the Chinese city.

“Almost everyone is now wearing masks … I guess taking the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected,” Monasbu, who lives in Wuhan, told Storyful.

Public health officials announced that nine people had died and at least 440 people had been infected with the virus in China, according to reports. The virus was first confirmed in Wuhan on December 31, 2019, with the outbreak believed to be linked to a city seafood market.

The first case of coronavirus in the United States was confirmed by the Centre for Disease Control on January 21. Credit: monsabu via Storyful