KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 7 (Bernama) -- The community hub project created by the Housing and Local Government Ministry which aimed at inculcating the neighbourhood spirit as well as empowering urban community has begun to show positive results.

The community hub, at the Beringin People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Kepong and Taman Dagang Phase 2A Flat in Ampang, have been utilised not only as a place to meet and greet but also to hold community activities such as recreational, book reading, festivities and many more.

For a housewife, Rosmawati Saleh, 36, who lives at the Beringin PPR, she noted that her children had been using the hub as a place to read books while waiting for the school bus.

“We have about 50 to 100 children here and it is hoped that the hub could be expanded as it is rather small for all of them to gather. However, the hub is still the best,” she told Bernama here recently.

Meanwhile, Beringin PPR community hub deputy chairman Mohd Faizul Fadzlah Shariff, 36, said since the community hub was established, it helped forging close neighbourhood spirit and co-operation.





Mohd Faizul Fadzlah noted that previously, residents used to spend time at the playground and sat around the compound of their residential block, but with the establishment of this hub and with various activities implemented, it has become a centre for the residents to gather and interact.

“Usually we will run various programmes involving children, teenagers and their parents. For example, during the New Year programme, various activities were lined up, including games, workshops, kompang practices and watching football matches on the big screen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Taman Dagang Phase 2A Flat community hub project chairman Abdullah Abd Raffar, 59, said the community hub was constructed using a container which was transformed into a multipurpose space complete with a reading space and a mini library, which has become a place for residents to unwind.

Previously, they often used the residential car park area to hang out and did some activities but now they have a more cheerful place to interact, he said.

“This special place is for everyone...there is a landscape and there is a space for children to play in the evening and the room is also being used for tuition and learning the Quran,” he said.





For retiree Yaccob Hussin, 67, the community hub was his favourite place.

“We have multiracial residents here. If all of us come here to gather then we can see the diversity and we can get to know each other better,” he said.

The first community hub project was established at Beringin PPR, Kepong on Oct 13, 2018, and followed by the second one at Taman Dagang Phase 2A Flat, Ampang on Dec 14.

This project emphasises on the B40 community in ensuring that life in the city to be more prosperous, liveable and sustainable in carrying out daily activities and healthy interactions in line with the National Community Policy.


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