Commitments from firm bidding for Royal Mail takeover not strong enough – union

Postal workers leaders have told the company bidding to take over Royal Mail that commitments it has given are not strong enough.

Officials from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) met representatives of the EP Group, describing it as “useful and constructive”, adding that further meetings would take place including the direct involvement of Daniel Kretinsky, the Czech tycoon behind the multi-billion-pound takeover.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward said: “We made it very clear that the current commitments from EP Group are neither strong enough or long enough.

“Daniel Kretinsky has openly stated he wants to own Royal Mail for the rest of his life – we need commitments for the workforce that match that level of ambition.

“The CWU put forward our wide-ranging concerns and also our view that we need to see a completely new ownership/business model for Royal Mail and one that gives all employees a real stake in the future of the business. Both parties have agreed to explore this further.

“Royal Mail have led a prolonged and deliberate attack on its own workforce which continues to this day in many workplaces.

“Representatives of EP Group understood the reality that unless the workforce are on board, the company will never succeed.”

Mr Ward said the union was increasing its plans to engage with the Government and Labour on the takeover bid, believing it needed to be “heavily scrutinised and debated”.

He added: “We do not support a foreign equity company taking over Royal Mail. At the same time, we have absolutely no confidence in the current board of the company.

“Royal Mail should be renationalised but the political climate makes that very difficult at the moment. Our job now is to make sure our members voice is heard at every opportunity as this takeover bid unfolds.”