'Coming Up the Rear': Mini Horse in No Rush Over Obstacle

At the Faithful Minis horse farm in Bonsall, California, one tiny horse prefers to take thing slow and steady, as shown in this adorable video taken by farm owner Faith San Severino in early December.

The footage shows two of farm’s miniature horses racing excitedly over an obstacle before a third, named Buffalo Soldier, appears in frame, moving a a significantly slower pace.

“Coming up the rear!” a farm worker heard saying in the video.

Another video of Buffalo Soldier, posted December 26, showed the horse again rambling out slowly after his equine pals. “When you try your best but you’re always late to the party!” San Severino wrote in the video caption on TikTok.

According to the Faithful Mini’s website., the farm trains miniature horses for “therapy , mobility, service and love.” The farm was also the home of viral sensation Peabody,, a miniature horse born deaf and with malformed legs which San Severino helped train to walk using special braces for his legs. Credit: Faith San Severino via Storyful

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