Comfortably elegant is the fashion aesthetic on trend for spring

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Sportswear chic will be in vogue for the spring-summer 2021 season, with pieces inspired by the world of sports combined with more elegant elements such as the blazer.

Homewear still has a bright future ahead of it, but now it's getting a boost with chic, elegant or punchy accents. It makes for a nice transitional style, as spring and summer approach, to help you stop moping around on the couch all day long and get your style game back on track.

Bid adieu to your pajamas and jogging pants! After a whole year spent in ultra comfortable -- even shapeless -- clothes, life is getting back to normal, more or less. In any case, we're using our wardrobes to boost our morale, enjoy ourselves once more and smile a little bit, despite the ongoing health crisis that continues to upset our daily lives.

With the approach of the spring-summer season 2021, internet users seem to want to put a little bit of verve in their wardrobe. And while we're not done with the comfortable pieces, they are now elevated with more sophisticated elements or accessories. According to the latest report from the global fashion platform Lyst , sportswear chic is still very popular, with a renewed interest in sports bras (+108%) and biker shorts (+95%), but also blazers (87%) to add that chic touch we've missed so much in recent months.

Other sources of inspiration are emerging as spring approaches. Such as the functional pieces influenced by military uniforms. This translates into an increase in searches for cargo pants (+63%), bomber jackets (+40%), uniforms (+39%), so-called "tactical" vests (+38%), or nylon parts (+30%). Internet users also seem to be interested in pieces decorated with ties and cut-outs around the waist, known as midriff flossing, with an increase in searches of +57% since the beginning of the year for this type of clothing.

Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses

In response to these gloomy times, consumers also seem keen to bring color into their lives -- at least in their closet. Pink is emerging as the flagship color of spring, and even more so fuchsia pink and bright pink (+80% since the beginning of February). Acid bright colors such as yellow (+47%), orange (+45%) and apple green (+40%) have been unanimously acclaimed since the beginning of the year.

On the men's side, comfort is more important than ever. Farewell ties and fitted suits, effortless tailoring is seducing men, who are mainly looking for oversize suits (+146%) but also pieces directly inspired by homewear. As a result of working from home, these men are now moving towards a more casual fashion, and particularly towards daytime pyjamas (+336%), which are very fashionable.

Lyst focused on spring-summer 2021 fashion trends by analyzing the search behavior of the 27 million consumers who visited its platform over the last three months.

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