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Comfort Food To Make At Home Inspired By Your Favorite Places

We travel to see the world, but also to taste it. I like to avoid the chain restaurants and find the most authentic food native to where I'm visiting. Comfort food is the tasty fix we need when we’re missing home, feeling down or crave a sense of nostalgia from another time in our lives. Often homemade, these dishes usually boast high sugar or other carbohydrate content. As we navigate quarantine and are unable to travel physically, we look to reminisce on past adventures with significant others, family and friends.

These delightful dishes from our favorite destinations instantly bring us back to these unforgettable memories. It allows us to celebrate traditions of foreign cultures that together we can sit and savor around the table. You don’t need to be a native to learn how to make spanakopita from the Greek Islands, or hushpuppies from Hilton Head. Get creative in the kitchen and create your own "around the world" by cooking a dinner from different destinations each night from Israel to Curaçao. Make meals from destinations on your bucket list too. We’ve rounded up recipes filled with ingredients you can buy at any local supermarket that are inspired by your favorite places around the world...