Comedians use sarcasm to cope with Lebanon’s crises

STORY: These comedians use sarcasm to cope with Lebanon’s economic crisis

bringing laughter to thousands of their followers on social media

Location: Jeita, Lebanon

(Nathalie Masri, Comedian) “We are basically just making fun of the situation. At the end of the day, we can't let it out but in this way. We tried everything, just like a lot of people, but at the end, we reach a point where we either give up, leave or we have to keep going. This is how we cope, we let things out."

(Nadyn Chalhoub, Comedian) "We do what we do because it is a big..."

(Nathalie Masri) "... letting off steam."

(Nadyn Chalhoub) "Yes, letting off steam. We are letting off steam and we would like to let off steam on behalf of those who are watching us, if they are watching us. We also want to laugh at what we are all living."

Lebanon is facing a crippling economic meltdown

that has cost the local currency more than 98% of its value since 2019

(Nadyn Chalhoub) "The biggest reason for doing what we do: in our little hopeful minds, we hope to change the mindset of the people who we feel are holding the country back. Whether we are talking about politics, or something, any topic, it is to plant this change in perspective, maybe someone changes something, maybe someone considers changing or seeing the world from a different perspective."