Comedian Shows Off Basketball Skills With Ramadan-Themed Trick Shot Tips

A Muslim comedian in Alexandria, Virginia, showed off his basketball trick shot skills and Ramadan jokes while shooting hoops over his shoulder, a video shows.

Soufiane Bernoukh, whose motto is “When the prayers go up, the blessings come down,” scores seven baskets in the video while making Ramadan-themed puns to the camera.

“Sometimes when you’re fasting, you get a little furious, so we’re going to call that the fast and the furious,” he says before launching the ball over his head and into the net.

“Just because you’re fasting doesn’t mean you can’t have your hand in the cookie jar,” he said, while gesturing to show the correct wrist technique to score the trick shot.

“Okay. Your halal walk has to be refined and top of the line, and then make sure the major key is no swine,” he adds, referencing the fact that Muslims do not eat pork. Credit: Soufiane Bernoukh via Storyful