Comedian Atu apologises to Malaysian viewers for wearing ‘revealing’ white pants on TV (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
Comedian Atu’s wife gave him the green light to wear the pants before the performance. — Picture from Instagram/akueatu and YouTube/Astro Gempak

PETALING JAYA, Jan 13 — Malaysian comedian Atu has apologised after some viewers claimed to be uncomfortable with his outfit for the Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019 (MLM2019) final last Friday.

Atu, whose real name is Sharif Kunal Doli Sharif, was performing with his comic group Zero in a form-fitting white get-up, causing viewers to complain that it was too tight and revealing.

The Sabah-born entertainer confessed that he didn’t see anything inappropriate about his costume at first and added that his wife had even given him the green light to go onstage in it.

“When I put it on in front of my wife, she told me it looked fine.

“Right before going up on stage, I put on another pair of long pants inside to prevent any unsightly bulges from showing but I have no idea how it still managed to look tight on TV.

“Maybe it’s because the trousers were white, but honestly I wasn’t conscious of it and if it looked sexual, I apologise but it was all out of my control,” Atu told mStar.

The 27-year-old and his fellow Zero members were performing a comedy skit about two astronauts encountering life on the planet Pluto.

The trio was crowned as the runner-up and brought home RM250,000 in cash as well as a trophy.

When asked how he was going to use his share of the big win, Atu said the money would go straight into a savings account for his children’s education.

“Right now we need to save up. I’ll keep working for as long as I can continue working, I’ll only rest once I’m in my golden years,” he added.

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