"Here we come" say new French MPs at parliament

STORY: Sunday's (June 19) second-round vote left President Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble as the biggest party, with a fledgling left-wing alliance in second place, the far-right stronger than ever and the conservatives as potential king-makers.

The broad left-wing Nupes alliance of Jean-Luc Melenchon and Marine Le Pen's far-right promised to hound Macron and his administration relentlessly in parliament.

After posing for photographers on the doorstep of France's lower house, Melenchon's colleagues headed in while chanting, "Macron, whether you like it or not, here we come."

Macron faced calls for his prime minister to resign on Monday (June 20) and doubt hung over his ability to rule decisively after his camp lost its absolute majority in parliament.

Macron's centrist grouping is under pressure to secure support from rivals to salvage the president's reform agenda. If it fails, France could face a long spell of political paralysis.

The loss of his Ensemble alliance's absolute majority is a painful setback for Macron, who won a second term just two months ago. French governments have long relied on a lower house of parliament that shares their political line and largely rubber-stamps proposals.

Final figures showed Macron's centrist camp won 245 seats - well below the 289 needed for an absolute majority, Nupes 131, the far-right 89 and Les Republicains 61.

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