Come here: Donald Glover and TikToker Jordan Howlett team up for video poking fun at their resemblance

Childish Gambino and Grownish Gambino link up.

Hey, come here. Childish Gambino linked up with Grownish Gambino to acknowledge their resemblance.

Donald Glover filmed a social media video with popular TikToker Jordan Howlett ( @jordan_the_stallion8) — beloved for his "come here" explanatory videos about food and gadget secrets, among other life tips — that poked fun at their likeness.

Assuming Howlett's signature pose in front of the mirror, Glover began the parody by beckoning viewers with the TikToker's "come here" before stating, "Look, I've been hearing a lot about me and Jordan looking alike."

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"I understand we're both very handsome people," Glover continued, before being interrupted by Howlett himself, who is wearing the same outfit as Glover and searching for his phone. "Maybe one of us is more handsome than the other, but it's really—"

"No. Okay I am not doing this," Howlett interjected. "I'm not doing this Donald. Everybody knows I wear eggshell and black on Saturdays. Why are you wearing this?"

After some back and forth regarding their outfits, Howlett explained to Glover that he's "already having a hard time" getting people to know his name. "People keep mistaking me for the Method Man lookalike, Grownish Gambino thanks to you."

Glover quipped, "It's hard for you? It's hard for me! Every time I step out of my house someone's like, 'Hey, what's the recipe for cantaloupe bagels or croissants with extra chocolate chips?'"

<p>Jordan Howlett/Instagram</p> Donald Glover and Jordan Howlett

Jordan Howlett/Instagram

Donald Glover and Jordan Howlett

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Glover, not Howlett, is currently gearing up for the release of his post-apocalyptic movie Bando Stone and the New World (out July 19), which will be accompanied by an album of the same name under his Childish Gambino moniker — and his last album under the stage name. He recently dropped "Lithonia," the first single from the album.

And Glover, not Howlett, also recently took the stage at the BET Awards last month, paying tribute to Usher alongside Keke Palmer, Teyana Taylor, Victoria Monét, Summer Walker, and more.

Watch the shenanigans unfold in the TikTok above.

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